Saturday, July 04, 2009

How to Find Happiness in Homemaking
Fascinating Womanhood by Helen Andelin

  1. Accept Drudgery. It's true that there are good parts to a job and there are bad parts to a job. I know that for myself, I will need to learn to accept the bad parts along with the good parts. Just like in marriage.
  2. Don't Become Crowded for Time. I can name a few things that eat up my time. Being online on my computer is my number 1 time eater. I wouldn't call it wasting, but it does eat up time that I could be spending cleaning or outside playing with my kids. Take a moment and think about what is eating your time. Is it a club that you are a part of? What about phone calls, Facebook, or even the TV or sewing?
  3. Go the Second Mile. Going the second mile, or beyond the call of duty, lifts the burden from work and makes it easy and enjoyable. Women who give just enough to get by never enjoy homemaking.
What can you do to make your time being a homemaker better?

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